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Embrace the Road with Oiwa’s NRG 350mm Alcantara Steering Wheel! 🚗

There's steering... and then there's steering with panache. Dive deep into the realm of sophistication, functionality, and pure driving pleasure with our NRG 350mm Alcantara Steering Wheel, handcrafted for Kei truck aficionados. 🏁

🚀 Why This Steering Jewel is a Must-Have:

  • Unyielding Durability: With a 25% surge in material strength and 50% added welding, this wheel isn't just steering the game – it's redefining it.

  • Opulence on Wheels: Luxuriate in the premium touch of Alcantara, complemented by a meticulous black stitch. It's a tactile experience you'll crave at every drive.

  • Pinpoint Precision: Engineered at 350mm (13.8 inches) and a 2.5" deep dish design, command every turn, curve, and cruise with unmatched accuracy.

  • Universal Appeal: Fits seamlessly on virtually any Kei or mini-truck, offering a bespoke feel to every driver.

  • Sophisticated Design: Flaunt the matte black aluminum spoke, uniquely crafted at 5mm, radiating an allure that's impossible to resist.

🔩 Wheel Specs & Fit:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.8"
  • Depth: 2.5" Deep Dish
  • Material: Sumptuous Alcantara Finish
  • Stitching: Precision Black Stitch
  • Spoke: 5mm Matte Black Aluminum

🌍 Fitment: One wheel to rule them all. Universally crafted for diverse Kei trucks.

Discover what it means to truly be one with the road. This NRG masterpiece doesn't just steer your Kei truck; it elevates its essence. Only at Oiwa Garage, where we blend passion with premium precision. 🛍️🎉"

Grip elegance, radiate style, and redefine your driving journey with Oiwa Garage's exclusive NRG steering wheel. Your Kei truck deserves nothing but the best! 🌠🚀

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