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Elevate your mini-truck’s aura with our NRG Black Sparkle Wood Grain Steering Wheel. Designed exclusively for the true aficionado of Japanese kei trucks, this wheel exudes both elegance and audacity in one go. Let every drive be synonymous with luxury. 🌌

🔥 Why This Sparkled Gem is a Game-Changer:

  • Lustrous Strength: Boasting 25% thicker material paired with 50% amplified welding, this wheel emerges as the undefeated titan of steering aesthetics.

  • Elegance at Your Fingertips: Indulge in the unique sensation of glittered wood, intertwined with the bold flair of neo chrome spokes.

  • Precision in Motion: At 350mm (13.78 inches), coupled with a 3-inch depth, each twist and turn becomes an effortless dance of your kei truck.

  • Adaptable Prowess: Designed for universal fitment, it gracefully adapts to virtually every kei or mini-truck. Because why settle for ordinary?

  • Iconic Appeal: Three solid neo chrome spokes radiate an unmatched futuristic allure, setting you apart from the rest.

🛠️ Key Features:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Depth: 3" with 4mm thickness
  • Material: Luxurious Black Sparkled Wood Grain
  • Spoke: 3 Solid Neo Chrome Spokes

🌍 Fitment: Universal charm for the universally unique.

Let Oiwa Garage be the compass to your mini-truck's soul. With our NRG masterpiece, you won't just drive; you'll make a statement. 🌠🛍️

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