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🔥 Turn Heads & Corners with Equal Elegance:

  • Stunning Spectacle: Crafted with a black wood grain grip, it perfectly complements the dazzling neo-chrome spokes, creating a steering wheel that's more than just functional—it's a work of art.

  • Smooth Cruising: The luxurious wood grain finish isn’t just for show. Feel the seamless blend of luxury and performance each time your hand grazes the wheel.

  • Precision on Every Turn: With its perfect 350mm (13.78 inches) diameter, let your maneuvers echo your heart's desires—smooth, precise, and elegant.

  • Universal Fit, Unique Flair: Engineered for a universal fit, it’s the kei or mini-truck wheel that makes a statement about who you are. Why go generic when you can stand out?

  • Neo Chrome Brilliance: It's not just a spoke color—it's an attitude. Reflect your love for cutting-edge design and quality with the radiant neo chrome finish.

🛠️ At a Glance:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Dish Depth: 1.50" / 38mm
  • Grip: Classic Black Wood Grain
  • Spokes: Neo Chrome Tri-Spoke Design

🌏 Universal Wonder: Every vehicle deserves an upgrade, and this steering wheel promises just that. Perfect for any kei or mini-truck, but giving it a touch that's uniquely yours.

Step into the world where every drive is an opulent experience. This isn’t just any steering wheel; it's a statement of taste, passion, and quality. Oiwa Garage brings you more than products; we bring you masterpieces. Grab yours and steer into sophistication. 🛒🌟

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