NRG 350mm Chrome Gold-Spoke Steering Wheel: Black Leather & Red Stitching | Oiwa Garage Exclusive

$180.00 USD

Steer into the limelight with Oiwa Garage's latest masterpiece – the NRG 350mm Chrome Gold-Spoke Steering Wheel. Designed for those who refuse to blend into the traffic, this wheel promises an extraordinary driving experience for the discerning kei truck lover. 🏎️

🔥 Glisten As You Glide:

  • Golden Elegance: With our Chrome Gold Spoke, say goodbye to ordinary. Shine every time you take the wheel.

  • Crafted to Perfection: Delicate red baseball stitching meets luxurious black leather, offering unparalleled comfort and grip.

  • Engineered Excellence: With state-of-the-art technology backing this wheel, expect a long-lasting performance.

  • Precision at Its Best: Sized perfectly at 350mm, experience sharp turns with smooth finesse.

  • Fits Like a Glove: Universal fitment for your beloved kei or mini-truck, because luxury should know no bounds.

🛠️ Specifications:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Depth: 3" Deep Dish
  • Material: Premium Black Leather
  • Stitching: Vibrant Red Baseball Stitch
  • Spoke: Dazzling Chrome Gold

🌍 Universal Fitment: Why cage art? This steering wheel is designed to accentuate any kei or mini-truck.

Jazz up your ride with a touch of luxury and precision. Brought to you by Oiwa Garage – where quality drives passion. Get ready to turn heads and steer hearts! 🛍️"

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