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Put some ROAR in your ride with Oiwa Garage's latest – The NRG Savage Pink Leopard Steering Wheel. This isn't just any steering wheel; it's your vehicle's fashion statement, merging sassy pink leopard vegan prints with a dash of sporty matte black. 🐾

🔥 Why This Wheel Isn’t Just Another Pretty Face:

  • Unyielding Ferocity: Crafted with 25% heftier material and boasting 50% extra welding, it's the Hercules of steering wheels.

  • High Fashion Meets High Function: Embrace the wild side with vivid pink leopard print while ensuring a smooth drive.

  • Pinpoint Precision: 350mm in diameter and a 3-inch deep dish ensure that every swerve and turn feels just right.

  • One Size Fits All: Whether you're driving a kei or mini-truck, it’s tailored to feel uniquely yours.

  • Stealthy Style: Matte black spoke, round holes, and a horn button flaunting those conical screws. Drive and thrive in style.

🛠️ Specs at a Glance:

  • Diameter: 13.78” or 350mm
  • 3" Deep Dish Design
  • Savage Pink Leopard Vegan Print
  • Stitched to Perfection
  • 5mm Matte Black Spoke

🌍 Universal Love: Because a work of art like this shouldn’t be caged. Fits virtually any mini-truck or kei.

For the fierce, the fabulous, and everyone in between, elevate your driving experience with a wheel that’s both a showstopper and a road-master. Brought to life by Oiwa Garage – where luxury meets the lane. 🏎️💨

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