NRG 350mm White Leather Steering Wheel w/ Black Spokes | Oiwa Garage Exclusive: RST-006BK-WT-B

$134.00 USD

Reignite passion with every turn of our NRG 350mm White Leather Steering Wheel! At Oiwa Garage, we believe driving your kei truck should be a luxurious affair. Break the mold, command the roads, and let mundane become extraordinary. 🏁

🔥 The Oiwa Edge:

  • Pristine Craftsmanship: Delicate white leather, stitched with perfection, seamlessly paired with solid black spokes.

  • Drive in Style: Boasting a robust 350mm diameter, our steering wheel perfectly marries art with engineering.

  • The Touch of Elegance: Revel in the soft touch of genuine white leather, enhancing every journey you embark upon.

  • Adaptable Elegance: Universal design because every kei truck deserves the best.

  • Functional Artistry: Distinct round holes and a grey center mark - designed for those who appreciate details.

🛠️ Steering Specs:

  • Diameter: 13.78" or 350mm
  • Grip: Luxurious White Leather
  • Stitching: Exquisite Black Thread
  • Spokes: 3 Solid, Black, and Bold

🌏 Universally Yours: Fits like a dream in any kei or mini-truck. Because masterpieces shouldn't be constrained.

Set the road on fire and make every drive an event with our premium steering wheel. Here at Oiwa Garage, we don't just provide parts; we offer upgrades to your driving experience. Grab yours and steer into splendor! 🌟