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Revolutionize your ride with Oiwa Garage's NRG Blue-Accented Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel. Designed for those with an eye for distinction, this is where Japanese craftsmanship meets racing aesthetics. Drive your kei truck with pride and precision. 🏎️

🔥 Stand Out in Every Spin:

  • Elevate Aesthetics: Dive into a mesmerizing blend of blue carbon fiber and sleek leather, exuding luxury in every touch.

  • Performance-centric Design: Constructed for the serious driver, indulge in a lightweight yet formidable wheel that stands the test of time.

  • Superior Tactile Experience: With a premium leather grip and meticulous blue stitching, every drive becomes a gripping narrative of class and control.

  • Racer's Precision: With a blue center mark, steer with the assurance of a pro, knowing your wheel aligns with your vision.

  • Universal Elegance: Whether it's a kei or a mini-truck, let your vehicle don the crown jewel of steering wheels.

🛠️ Technical Details:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Material: Authentic Carbon Fiber & Leather
  • Stitching: Intricate Blue Threads
  • Center Mark: Distinctive Blue

🌐 Adaptability: Designed for universal fitment, because class knows no boundaries.

Elevate your driving experience and command respect on the road. Exclusive to Oiwa Garage, this wheel isn't just an accessory; it's a statement. Accelerate your driving passion with pure elegance and strength. 🌟🔵

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