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Revive timeless elegance in your ride with the NRG Classic Wood Grain Wheel from Oiwa Garage! 🌳 This isn’t just a steering wheel; it’s an art piece that blends traditional wood craftsmanship with the sleek touch of modern chrome. Designed for the discerning kei truck aficionado who knows that classic never goes out of style.

🔥 Why This Wheel is a Class Apart:

  • Everlasting Elegance: With its luxurious wood finish, this wheel exudes an old-school charm that's unmatched.

  • Modern Meets Classic: The dazzling chrome 3-spoke center is the perfect complement to the rich wood grain. It's where vintage vibes meet contemporary craftsmanship.

  • Smooth Operator: Turn the streets into your personal runway. Every twist and turn feels like a glide with this beauty.

  • Universal Fit, Unique Feel: While it's built for all kei trucks and mini-trucks, the feel is exclusively yours.

  • Standout Centerpiece: More than a functional piece, it’s an upgrade to your car’s aesthetics. Show off, you've earned it!

🛠️ Specifications:

  • Diameter: 330mm, because size does matter.
  • Design: 3-Spoke Chrome Center, for that touch of bling.
  • Finish: Smooth Wood Grain, feel the nature.
  • Shape: Classic Round, for the purists.

🌏 Fitment: Universal – Because great style knows no boundaries.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have a masterpiece? Exclusively at Oiwa Garage, where tradition meets innovation. Your kei truck deserves nothing less. 🛍️

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