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Master the Road with the NRG Matte Black Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel! 🚗💨

Seeking a fusion of elegance and performance? Look no further. Our NRG 320mm Flat Bottom Steering Wheel is crafted for the kei truck aficionados. Dive into a realm where sophistication meets agility.

🔥 Why This Wheel is a Game Changer:

  • Precision Crafted: Genuine carbon fiber combined with sleek black stitching, guaranteeing longevity with flair.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: A smaller wheel diameter means more power in your hands. Feel the difference with every turn.
  • Space & Comfort: The innovative flat bottom design ensures added room and comfort, giving your drives a luxurious touch.
  • Universal Fit: Perfectly aligns with any standard 70mm 6-Bolt Racing Hub Adaptors. Made for the roads of the world.

🛠️ Product Highlights:

  • Material: Genuine Carbon Fiber with a matte black finish.
  • Design: Flat bottom – More space, more freedom.
  • Diameter: 320mm – Precise control guaranteed.

⚠️ Please Note: Hub Adapter not included. Ensure you have a 6 bolt pattern hub for your vehicle before purchase.

At Oiwa Garage, we don't just offer parts; we offer experiences. Elevate your drive and let your mini-truck or kei truck resonate with your spirit. 🌟

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