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Take the Wheel of Innovation with Oiwa Garage. 

From the heart of Japan to the grip of your hands, Oiwa Garage presents the crème de la crème of steering wheel evolution: The NRG Reinforced Suede Steering Wheel. Here's why it’s not just a wheel, but a revolution:

🔥 Why It's a Driver's Dream:

🖤 Strength That Speaks: Addressing overlooked flaws, our 2016 innovation boasts a 25% boost in material thickness and 50% more welding. This is not just a steering wheel; it's a fortress for your fingers.

🖤 Silky Grip: Indulge in the luxury of premium black suede. Experience the tactile euphoria each journey promises.

🖤 Command Every Curve: With a precise 320mm diameter and robust 5mm spokes, ensure each turn is more graceful than the last.

🖤 Universal Champion: Adapts seamlessly to any kei or mini-truck. Because we believe in universality without compromising uniqueness.

🛠️ Specifications Just for You:

• Diameter: 320mm / 12.6"
• Spoke Thickness: 5mm
• Material: Elite Black Suede
• Stitching: Artistic Black Stitch

🌏 One Size Grips All: Universal fitment that challenges boundaries.

Part of the coveted NRG lineup, #nrgRST-012S, this wheel promises unparalleled performance. Engineered for the enthusiast, designed for the discerning, and delivered by Oiwa Garage – where passion for mini trucks meets world-class craftsmanship."

Take your drive to the next level. Dive into the epitome of Japanese craftsmanship with Oiwa Garage. 🌟🛍️

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