NRG Reinforced Steering Wheel - Suede Steering Wheel 320mm w/ BLACK stitch | RST-012S

$134.00 USD

🚗 Take the Wheel of Innovation with Oiwa Garage. 🚗

From the heart of Japan to the grip of your hands, Oiwa Garage presents the crème de la crème of steering wheel evolution: The NRG Reinforced Suede Steering Wheel. Here's why it’s not just a wheel, but a revolution:

🔥 Why It's a Driver's Dream:
🖤 Strength That Speaks: Addressing overlooked flaws, our 2016 innovation boasts a 25% boost in material thickness and 50% more welding. This is not just a steering wheel; it's a fortress for your fingers.

🖤 Silky Grip: Indulge in the luxury of premium black suede. Experience the tactile euphoria each journey promises.

🖤 Command Every Curve: With a precise 320mm diameter and robust 5mm spokes, ensure each turn is more graceful than the last.

🖤 Universal Champion: Adapts seamlessly to any kei or mini-truck. Because we believe in universality without compromising uniqueness.

🛠️ Specifications Just for You:
• Diameter: 320mm / 12.6"
• Spoke Thickness: 5mm
• Material: Elite Black Suede
• Stitching: Artistic Black Stitch

🌏 One Size Grips All: Universal fitment that challenges boundaries.

Part of the coveted NRG lineup, #nrgRST-012S, this wheel promises unparalleled performance. Engineered for the enthusiast, designed for the discerning, and delivered by Oiwa Garage – where passion for mini trucks meets world-class craftsmanship."

Take your drive to the next level. Dive into the epitome of Japanese craftsmanship with Oiwa Garage. 🌟🛍️