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Dream of cruising Tokyo’s bustling streets in style? With Oiwa Garage's NRG RST-001WT Steering Wheel, you're not just gripping any wheel; you're holding a masterpiece designed for the passionate mini truck connoisseur.

Crafted for those who value elegance as much as performance, this steering wheel is the 'Wasabi' to your sushi; subtly powerful and undeniably essential. Enveloped in high-quality leather that whispers luxury, it’s accentuated by pristine white inserts that shout sophistication. And with its 3-spoke, round-flat bottom design, it promises not just a grip, but an embrace.

Highlight Features:

  • Dynamic 320mm Diameter: Perfect for that precision turn!
  • Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Build: Because your mini truck deserves only the elite.
  • Suave Stitching & Premium Leather: Style meets comfort.
  • White Accent Inserts: Add that dash of 'oomph' to your ride.
  • Sturdy 4mm Spokes: Robust and reliable, just like you.

But why NRG? Renowned for its global reputation, NRG Innovations doesn't just create car parts; they craft legends. Their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and performance makes them the top choice for those who drive not to reach a destination, but to feel alive. Every NRG part is a testament to a tradition of excellence, ensuring that your mini truck doesn't just look the part, but lives it.

Embrace the wheel that turns heads and hearts. With NRG and Oiwa Garage, every journey becomes a story worth telling.

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