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🌪️ Ride the Whirlwind with Prisma Lab's Aluminum Marvel!
Steer clear of the mundane and embrace Oiwa Garage's exclusive Arrow-Cutout 330mm Aluminum Steering Wheel by Prisma Lab. A symphony of precision engineering and audacious design, this wheel isn’t just a part—it’s a statement. 🏆

🔥 Why This Wheel Spins Above the Rest:

  • Precision Crafted: With the unrivaled strength of high-grade aluminum, this wheel doesn’t just shine—it endures.

  • Driver's Delight: Ergonomically crafted grip offers unparalleled control and comfort, ensuring every drive feels like the first.

  • Distinctive Design: The arrow cutout spokes are more than just a design—it's an attitude. Own the roads and turn heads.

  • Universal Majesty: Designed to adapt seamlessly with any kei or mini-truck, offering you a tailored feel in a universal fit.

  • Sleek & Stylish: The anodized black finish is the perfect blend of elegance and aggression, capturing the essence of your driving spirit.

🛠️ Specifications:

  • Diameter: 330mm
  • Unique Feature: Arrow Cutout Spokes
  • Depth: 1" Deep Dish
  • Material: Elite High-Grade Aluminum

🌍 Fitment:
Universal. Because every kei truck deserves a touch of luxury.

Seize control, feel the precision, and transform your drive with Prisma Lab's steering masterpiece. Exclusively at Oiwa Garage, where passion meets the pedal. 🚀 Unearth the future of kei truck driving today! 🌟

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