Solid Heritage Spoke | 330mm Anodized Black Heart Cutout Steering Wheel | RST-071-BK

$145.99 USD

Steer your heart out with the Oiwa Garage exclusive – the Prisma Lab's Heart Cutout Aluminum Steering Wheel! Each spin exudes craftsmanship tailored for the devoted kei truck aficionado. A seamless 330mm marvel ensures your palms feel nothing short of luxury. 🏎️

🔥 Heartfelt Engineering:

  • A Touch Above: Crafted with top-tier aluminum, this wheel isn't just about looks – it's built to last.
  • Hold the World, Not Just the Wheel: With its ergonomic grip, embrace a driving experience like never before.
  • Steer with Love: Unique heart cutout design, because your truck deserves more than ordinary.
  • Perfect Fit: 330mm diameter coupled with a 1" deep dish, it's like this wheel was molded just for you.

🛠️ Specifications:

  • Diameter: 330mm
  • Depth: 1" Deep Dish
  • Material: Elite Anodized Black Aluminum
  • Design: Heritage Solid Spoke with Heart Cutout

🌏 Universal Love: Crafted for every kei or mini-truck. When you've got a heart, why should you restrict?

Navigate the roads with panache, feel the revolution, and steer with passion. Exclusive to Oiwa Garage, where vehicles meet vogue