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Elevate your Suzuki Carry's engine with our Precision-Engineered 10-Piece Timing Belt Kit, designed for the 1991-1998 DC51T and DD51T models.

 Engineered Excellence:

  • Top-Quality Parts: Sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring your truck runs with the excellence of Japanese engineering.
  • Comprehensive Overhaul: This kit provides all you need for a thorough timing system replacement, revitalizing your truck's performance.
  • Tailored Fit: Each part is crafted to fit your Suzuki Carry's specifications, ensuring a smooth and efficient engine operation.

Kit Components:

  • Timing Belt: Ensures synchronized engine operation, leading to better fuel efficiency.
  • Alternator Belt: Built for durability, ensuring long-term vitality.
  • Water Pump: Reliable and efficient, maintaining engine cooling.
  • Pulley: Ensures optimal performance of the timing system.
  • Cam Seal: Prevents leaks, maintaining engine integrity.
  • Valve Cover Gasket: Seals in performance and prevents leaks.

Perfect for the discerning Suzuki Carry owner who values reliability and performance. Get your truck back to its peak condition with Oiwa Garage's trusted timing belt kit! 

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