Timing Belt Kit - 4 Piece - Suzuki Carry DC51T, DD51T - 1991-1998

$169.13 USD

Elevate your Suzuki Carry's engine with our Essential 4-Piece Timing Belt Kit, expertly crafted for 1991-1998 DC51T/DD51T models. This kit includes a premium timing belt, a precision-engineered water pump, a durable tensioner bearing, and an idler pulley, all designed to work in perfect unison for a smooth ride. A high-quality seal completes the set, ensuring a secure, leak-free performance. This kit is your go-to solution for reliable timing and engine efficiency, bringing new life to your trusty truck. Get ready to hit the road with confidence and the assurance of top-tier Japanese engineering. Available now at Oiwa Garage – where tradition meets innovation.