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Seize the day and steer with style! Dive into the world of Oiwa Garage's NRG 350mm Classic Brown Wood Grain Steering Wheel. Designed exclusively for the aficionados of kei and mini trucks, this isn't just a wheel—it’s an emblem of heritage married with innovation. 🚗

🌪️ Why This Wheel Stands Alone:

  • Strength Unsurpassed: With a whopping 25% increase in material thickness and a 50% surge in welding, this is the Hercules of steering wheels.

  • Vintage Meets Vogue: Flaunt the elegance of classic brown wood grain paired with an assertive matte black finish on solid spokes.

  • Absolute Mastery: At 350mm, the wheel promises a grip that’s both regal and responsive. Each turn? Poetry in motion.

  • Universal Elegance: Whether you're rocking a kei truck or mini-truck, this wheel’s adaptability is the real MVP. It’s not just universal—it's universally fabulous.

  • Pinnacle of Perfection: NRG’s unmatched attention to detail and relentless innovation mean you're getting the crème de la crème of steering prowess.

🔧 Key Details:

  • Diameter: 350mm / 13.78"
  • Depth: 3" Deep
  • Material: Premium Wood Grain
  • Spoke: Solid Matte Black Finish

🌐 Fitment: Why tie down perfection? Universal fit for all your mini-truck aspirations.

Breathe new life into every journey, experience unparalleled steering luxury, and elevate your drive. Exclusively at Oiwa Garage, where your mini-truck dreams come alive. 🛍️

Be more than just a driver; be a trendsetter. Your road, your rules, our wheel!" 🌠

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