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Elevate your Honda Acty's style and safety with our exclusive Roll Bar, designed specifically for 1991-1998 models. This robust addition, crafted from high-grade tubular steel, is not just a statement piece but a testament to safety and durability. Perfect for Southern California's adventurous roads, it's an ideal upgrade for your kei truck.

Embrace Rugged Protection: Introducing the ultimate blend of safety and style – our custom-engineered Roll Bar for the 1991-1998 Honda Acty. Designed for the discerning owner who values both aesthetics and passenger protection, this roll bar is a must-have for your mini truck.

Tailored for Your Acty: Precision-engineered to fit the unique contours of your Honda Acty, this rack integrates seamlessly with your truck's design. With meticulous attention to detail, it ensures a perfect fit for models from 1991 to 1998, reinforcing your vehicle's silhouette.

Durability Meets Design: Constructed with heavy-duty tubular steel, this roll bar is built to endure. The diagonal cross bracing reinforces structural integrity, offering peace of mind whether navigating urban streets or tackling the rough terrains of Southern California.

Local Pride: Available exclusively for local pickup in the Southern California region, this roll bar is a tribute to the local culture of adventure and customization. Connect with the community and fortify your Acty with a product that's as steadfast as the spirit of SoCal itself.

Installation Made Simple: No need for complicated tools or lengthy manuals. Our roll bar is designed for a straightforward installation, ensuring you're back on the road, enjoying your enhanced Honda Acty, in no time.

Stand Out with Confidence: Not just a safety feature, this roll bar is a statement. Its bare metal finish and visible welds highlight the craftsmanship and rugged elegance, complemented by a customizable area for decals and stickers to express your unique style.

Product Details:

  • Model Compatibility: 1991-1998 Honda Acty
  • Material: High-grade tubular steel
  • Finish: Bare metal with option for customization
  • Design: Diagonal cross bracing for maximum rigidity
  • Availability: Local pickup in Southern California

Transform your Honda Acty with our custom roll bar – where unparalleled safety meets undeniable style. Get ready to turn heads and drive with an extra dose of confidence. Your next adventure awaits, and your Acty is ready to roll with Oiwa Garage's stamp of excellence.


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