Cam Shaft - Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 Models - 1990-1998

$249.99 USD

Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 Camshaft (1990-1998) - Precision Performance Upgrade

Elevate your engine's capability with our meticulously crafted Camshaft for Subaru Sambar KS3, KS4 models, spanning years 1990 to 1998. Specially designed to meet the high standards of Japanese mini truck engineering, this camshaft is your key to unlocking smoother, more efficient engine performance and response.

Product Excellence:

  • Optimal Timing: Achieve precise valve timing for improved air and fuel intake, resulting in superior engine efficiency.
  • Robust Construction: Made from high-grade materials to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Power Gains: Designed to boost horsepower and torque, this camshaft delivers on the promise of enhanced vehicle power.
  • Direct Fit: Engineered to OEM specifications for a straightforward installation, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your Subaru Sambar.

Invest in Quality: With Oiwa Garage, you're not just purchasing a part; you're investing in your vehicle's future. We offer parts that enhance your mini truck's reliability and driveability.

Infuse new life into your Subaru Sambar with our premier Camshaft. Shop with Oiwa Garage for unmatched quality and performance that your Japanese mini truck deserves.

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