Magnetic LED Kei Truck Ceiling Touch Light - Premium Interior Illumination Kit

$14.99 USD

Ready to light up your kei truck's cab like a skyscraper in downtown Tokyo? Say hello to the ultimate in-car illumination experience. Meet our touch-controlled, magnetically-mounted, USB-rechargeable, multi-color LED ceiling light.

Why This Is Your Next Must-Have Car Gadget:

  • 🎨 Color Your Drive: With three customizable colors—ice blue, white, and a combination of both—you can set the mood for every journey.
  • 💡 Touch of Brilliance: One touch is all it takes to ignite this high-brightness LED light. It's like having a personal shooting star in your car!
  • 🔋 Never Run Out of Glow: USB-rechargeable and power-efficient, this little light will never let you down. Plus, with a built-in lithium battery, you're always charged up and good to glow.
  • 🧲 Magnetic Magic: Installation? What installation? With the magic of magnets and double-sided tape, you can place or remove this light faster than you can say "Moshi Moshi."
  • 🌟 Multi-Functional Marvel: Ideal for reading, romantic dinners, or impromptu parking lot parties. This versatile light isn't just for your car—it's perfect for home and outdoor use too.

Package Includes: 1 Reading Light, 1 Magnetic Sheet, 1 Double-sided Tape, and 1 Power Cord.

So, if you want to dial up your drive's ambiance without dialing down your wallet, click Add to Cart right now. Oiwa Garage has your, lit! 🌟