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Dive headfirst into a driving renaissance with Prisma Lab's Arrow-Cutout Aluminum Steering Wheel, presented in a tantalizing shade of Anodized Blue. 🌀

🚀 Steer the Future, Here’s Why:

  • Art Meets Performance: This 330mm automotive wonder isn't just a wheel; it's a statement. Crafted for the modern Kei truck aficionado, it balances design brilliance with unparalleled functionality.

  • Ergonomic Excellence: The ergonomic grip, molded meticulously, promises the union of hand and wheel like never before. The sensation? Maximum comfort. The result? Unyielding control.

  • Dazzling Blue Finish: Radiate sophistication on the roads with the anodized blue hue, making every drive not just a journey, but an experience.

  • Fit for Royalty: Its arrow cutout design, a sign of precision and flair, complements the high-grade aluminum construct, ensuring this wheel doesn't just fit into your palms, but also your high standards.

🔧 Specs that Impress:

  • Size: 330mm in Diameter
  • Design: Iconic Arrow Cutout
  • Depth: A subtle 1" Deep Dish
  • Material: Premium High-Grade Aluminum

🌐 Compatibility: Tailored for Japanese mini-trucks and Kei trucks, because at Oiwa Garage, we believe in perfection without limitation.

Join the driving elite with a wheel that's not just about the destination but cherishes every twist, turn, and torque along the way. 🏆 Exclusively at Oiwa Garage - where the road meets passion.

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