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Introducing the "Racoon Pink Side Decal" – the ultimate style upgrade for your Honda Street Van HH3 and HH4, spanning from 1990 to 2000. This decal is not just a product, it's a revamp, transforming your vehicle into a head-turner on wheels.

Our decals, inspired by the grace and charm of the raccoon, infuse your Street Van with a splash of vibrant pink, set against a backdrop of elegant mountain silhouettes. The unique design pays homage to the adventurous spirit that Honda vans embody, adding a personalized touch that stands out in any setting.

Precision-cut from premium-grade vinyl, these decals offer an enduring beauty that resists fading and weathering. They're simple to apply, adhering smoothly to your van's contours, creating a professional finish that looks like a custom paint job.

Whether you're pulling up to the campsite or cruising the urban jungle, our Racoon Pink Side Decal elevates your van's aesthetics, making every journey an extraordinary one. It's more than just decoration; it's a statement of your identity and the free-spirited life you lead.

Make your mark with elegance and attitude. Select the Racoon Pink Side Decal for a Honda Street Van that's as unique and vivacious as your way of life. Embrace the drive, embrace the style!

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